What do the students say?

“We first met Jon a couple of years ago.

We wanted our bright, but somewhat shy, seven year old to benefit from singing lessons. We hoped this would not only to help her project her voice, overcome her not uncommon nervousness of strangers, but also to learn to enjoy and appreciate the technical merits of singing.

Our daughter is nine now, and in the last two years has gained distinctions at Grade One and Grade Two singing. We would have been happy with a pass.

Jon’s quiet and unassuming approach really bolstered confidence and more importantly made achieving such high marks consistently enjoyable for our girl. We trust his gentle but informed tutoring.

I can’t thank and praise Jon highly enough for his help.”

– Victor Biriotti, father of Francesca


“If you don’t mind a bit of madness, Jon’s teaching is extremely engaging, and in a short time he has helped me develop leaps and bounds, both in vocal technique and confidence.” – Mike Gray


“Every lesson with Jon has been brilliant.

He listens to your progress and then gives individual tips to improve your performance. In my lessons we have been working on supporting the voice, improving my pitch and mixing my vocal registers.

At the end of every lesson with Jon I felt like my singing was getting so much better.
paul in bandHere’s me singing with my band. (Forgive the costume, it was Christmas!) Now I sing backing on most songs. I even sing lead on a couple.

I never would have been able to develop the technique or confidence to do so without Jon’s help.”

– Paul Andrews